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UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Resources Management ‎

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Resources Management is multidisciplinary in its nature. It is directly related to many UNESCO domains, disciplines, and priorities, such as water sciences, engineering and technology resources, the environment, natural resources policy and management, institutional and infrastructural science, regional sustainable development reviews, climate change, science education, science and technology,  policy and administration, public awareness and access to information.The Chair objectives are related to several UNESCO’s medium-term strategies for 2014-2021. This chair is closely aligned with UNESCO’s strategic objective SO5 “Promoting international scientific cooperation on critical challenges to sustainable development”. More specifically, the proposed chair will contribute to the implementation of the strategic plan of IHP-VIII (2014-2021) “Water Security: Addressing ‎‎“Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges with emphasis on: Theme 1, focal area 1.5, Theme 2 in all its focal areas, Theme 3 focal area 3.1, Theme 5, focal area 5.1 and Theme 6, focal areas 6.1 and 6.5.

The Chair will offer a number of benefits to the State of Palestine including:‎

  • Promote integrated water resources management to ensure resource sustainability in ‎terms of both water quantity and quality.‎
  • Increase sector capacity in planning and management of water resources.‎
  • Support national efforts toward justifying the Palestinian rights in water resources.‎
  • Contribute to increasing the capacity of water sector institutions and improving their roles ‎and regulations.

In addition and on the regional level, the Chair seeks to create an international and ‎multidisciplinary platform allowing water scientists from academia and industry to sustain a ‎dialogue that allows the integration of findings from different fields into a more cohesive ‎understanding of water management issues.

The project research themes will address a ‎diverse range of scientific questions relating to the development, management and ‎utilization of water resources. ANU’s faculty and department staff, various partners, and ‎interested researchers from other Palestinian universities and Arab and Middle Eastern ‎countries, will be engaged to participate in the interdisciplinary program of the proposed ‎UNESCO Chair.  By doing so, the Chair will bring together a diverse range of water sciences ‎expertise in order to explore water resources availability.

The chair will also contribute to ‎the creation of advanced scientific research that contributes to a better understanding of ‎issues related to integrated water resources management.‎

Director: Anan Jayuosi