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As part of the Nuffic OKP project an entrepreneurship competition in WASH and CSA is foreseen.

In February 2021 a Hackathon takes place at An-Najah National University. Participation is open to all Palestinian students, bachelors, Masters, and PhD, and young professionals. The Hackathon is organized under the authority of the PWA and the Ministry of Agriculture. and with the support of the Dutch Palestinian Nuffic project WASH and CSA.

Teams of at minimum 3 and at maximum 7 persons can participate in the Hackathon. The Hackathon program consists of input from successful entrepreneurs from Palestine, information on Palestinian challenges in WASH and CSA, and instructions on how to frame a high-quality business proposal. In outbreak sessions the students receive support from university professors and experienced entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas further.

From each university preferably two student teams can participate, one in WASH and one in CSA. That means that besides the normal evaluation criteria there is also a trade-off with the distribution along the different universities. Two days after the Hackathon the teams submit their final business proposal for consideration to the organizing committee.

Turning the idea into business

Teams which delivered high quality proposals are selected for further exploration and realization of the business idea. In three phases further selection takes place: (1) exploration, (2) incubation, (3) ready to start up.   In the first phase 30 proposals are admitted, in the second phase 20, in the final phase no more than 10.

Criteria for student teams to participate

  1. Student teams consists of at minimum 3, at maximum 7 persons with a selected leader
  2. Each team is preferably composed of both males and females
  3. Each student team should involve at least one professor and/or one entrepreneur in a supportive/advisory role
  4. A combination of students and young professionals in one team is recommendable

Criteria for viable business ideas

  1. The focus of the business ideas is limited to WASH and/or CSA
  2. The proposals are focused on areas of interest for the Palestinian economy, or/and
  3. The proposals are related to ongoing research at the Palestinian universities, or/and It is desirable that teams from all universities participate (in awarding the distribution over universities will be taken into account).
  4. The Palestinian Water Authority and their Ministry of Agriculture will provide a number of ideas related to current and expected WASH and CSA challenges, in line with their policies and strategies. These priorities will be taken into account.
  5. The proposals address issues of social interest
  6. The idea is implementable within a reasonable time frame and budget.
  7. Additional selection criteria will include usability, scalability, integration, and stability as well as marketability (within related ministries and institutions).

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