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An Entrepreneurship challenge in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH),  and climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is organized within the framework of OKP-Pal project on ‎Capacity Building in WASH and CSA Education and Research in Palestine. The responsibility of implementation of this challenge is assigned to Bedar Platform for Social Entrepreneurship

The participation is open to all Palestinian students at the partner universities at all levels -bachelors, Masters, and PhD, and young professionals-.Teams of at minimum 1 and at maximum 7 persons can participate in the challenge. The challenge program consists of input from successful international entrepreneurs and trainers, information on Palestinian challenges in WASH and CSA, and instructions on how to frame a high-quality business proposal. In outbreak sessions the students receive support from university professors and experienced entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas further.

Criteria for student teams to participate

  1. Student teams consists of at minimum 1, at maximum 7 persons with a selected leader
  2. Each team is preferably composed of both males and females
  3. Each student team should involve at least one professor and/or one entrepreneur in a supportive/advisory role
  4. A combination of students and young professionals in one team is recommendable

Criteria for viable business ideas

  1. The focus of the business ideas is limited to WASH and/or CSA
  2. The pideas are focused on areas of interest for the Palestinian economy, or/and are related to ongoing research at the partner Palestinian universities, 
  3. The business ideas address issues of social interest
  4. The idea is implementable within a reasonable time frame and budget.
  5. Additional selection criteria will include usability, scalability, integration, and stability as well as marketability (within related ministries and institutions).

Scope of the project

1. Applications Screening and Selection

The assessment will revolve around the following four criteria:

Any applicant is expected to achieve a minimum in each criterion to qualify, and the top 30 scorers shall be invited to do interviews in the pre-assessment phase. At this stage,

2. Pre-assessment

Following the first round of selection and the determination of around 30 participating

Teams. Pre-assessment interviews will be carried out with each team. This process should narrow down the number of the participant teams to 20.. The pre-assessment analysis will revolve around 4 important factors that directly influence the "entrepreneurial experience":

3. Intensive Bootcamp

A two-week intensive bootcamp is in offer, taking off with six online sessions. These sessions should establish some common ground for participants and are open to all selected teams. They are most likely to be interactive sessions ranging from 75 to 120 mins, depending on the subject and excluding guest speakers

4. Coaching and mentoring

 One-to-one coaching sessions will be conducted by matching entrepreneurs with mentors to help them reach the required milestones. The matching is made according to their pre-assessment results and progress in the aftermath of the bootcamp. Coaching session duration is 1 hour possibly extended into 30 min follow-up sessions.


Top four business proposals will be awarded:


 Instructions to make an application:

Before make an application insure the following:

To make an application please click on the "Apply" button: