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Rainwater Harvesting 

The proposed RWH knowledge domain  includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Inventory of on ground RWH techniques already practiced for domestic and agricultural uses.
  2. Identifying of RWH suitability factors and thus developing of RWH suitability maps.
  3. Site selection criteria of RWH in different scales and accordingly identifying proper RWH techniques.
  4. Social and environmental impacts of RWH techniques implementation at different levels (e.g., employment analysis, risk analysis, etc.).
  5. Economic feasibility of implementing proper RWH techniques (e.g., life-cycle assessment, cost-benefit analysis, etc.).
  6. Rooftop rainwater harvesting and associated water quality issues for domestic use.
  7. Optimal sizing of rooftop rainwater harvesting tanks.
  8. Impacts of implementing RWH techniques up streams to mitigate flood generation down streams.
  9. Impacts of adopting proper agricultural RWH techniques to increase crop productivity and as such enhancing food security.
  10. Review of the existing regulatory frameworks for the adoption of potential RWH techniques in the national water plan

You can download the Knowledge Domain on RWH can be downloaded from here .