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Orange Knowledge Programme

The project is ambitious to fill in the gaps in water sector as specified in the CPI, and aims to strengthen education and research in water, specifically efficient water management for climate smart agriculture CSA, and improved access to water and sanitation (WASH) through good governance and sound technical management. By the end of the project, the Palestinian universities will have their curricula in CSA and Wash updated to match the labour market requirements, the research applied, demand driven and translated into national policies, the teaching methodologies are smart profession oriented, the academic/ non-academic staff and water stakeholders capacities enhanced through TMT, and alumni associations activated and involved in the education process.

The proposal for a project on “Capacity Building in WASH and CSA Education and research in Palestine” is an answer to the call for joint proposals of Nuffic on 12 September 2018, under the reference OKP-PAA-10014, submitted by a consortium of An Najah University , Al Quds University, Polytechnic University, Birzeit University, Hebron University, Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Islamic University of Gaza, Al Azhar University of Gaza, and Arab American University. A Dutch consortium of WU, IHE, TU Delft, Free University of Amsterdam and University of Twente will be partners for this call. All Dutch partners have extensive track record of cooperation in the wash and CSA with an operational track record of successful capacity development, university twinning and entrepreneurial development assignments in Palestine.