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Welcome to the Entrepreneurship space! This is an introductory course that intends to provide students in Palestinian universities with knowledge of entrepreneurship and the vital role played by entrepreneurs in the global economy. Specifically, the course focuses on the creation of new ventures and the essential skills for success in an entrepreneurial venture for the purposes of addressing contemporary needs and problems in different contexts. Since Entrepreneurship is interdisciplinary, this course provides students with the opportunity to draw and employ the mixes of theory (knowledge) and practice (skills) learned from different fields, namely, engineering, finance, economics, management, marketing, production and information technology in a systematic and integrative way of thinking. More specifically, students will be challenged to apply principles, concepts and frameworks to real world situations, particularly on assignments including the business plan and on exams. Besides, this course will enable students to determine if they want to start their own ventures or if they prefer to work as corporate entrepreneurs working within an existing organization. Organizations increasingly look for recruiting university graduates who can identify problems and opportunities, exercise initiative and develop creative and innovative solutions. The concepts and skills in this course should be useful whether starting a new business or innovating within an existing organization. Within the Palestinian context, entrepreneurship is a necessity due to the diminishing job opportunities in both governmental and private sectors which in turn result in increasing rates of unemployment among university graduates each year. Accordingly, to avoid more unemployment among graduates, students and university academics are seriously urged to go beyond the conventional teaching and learning and switch to creative, innovative and entrepreneurial culture, teaching and learning approaches.

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