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Institute and Community


Our institute focuses on projects that provide both research data for Palestinian researchers in the environmental field and services to the local community such as environmental training or equipment at a very low cost.

The Water and Environmental Studies Institute offers a number of ‎services to the Palestinian community for free or at cost price.‎

The WESI offers:‎

  • Opportunities to conduct scientific research on water resources ‎management, wastewater treatment, renewable energy ‎production and water quality monitoring and the effect of ‎Agricultural and industrial activities on it.
  • Training workshops on environmental preservation and water ‎treatment for farmers, women, teachers and other categories of ‎the local community.
  • Comprehensive tests to assess groundwater, wastewater and the ‎agricultural and industrial products at the cost price.
  • Providing a database of some environmental variables to draw ‎water and environmental policies.
  • Assessment studies of the environmental effect of the old and ‎existing projects.

Awarness Campagin